Its as bad as being an american writer.
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MY hubby and I saw this play performed by these four amazing actors in NY last year. The BEST show Ive ever seen in my life...and Ive seen many! Dont miss it!
Ive seen that painting in real life and those colors in nature, but never all those colors grouped together in one place or in such well-defined shapes. The more common and natural the color, the more it fades into the background. The bold and uncommon ones are larger than life and in-your-face. Not a bad thing. Kind of like blog comments sections without trolls. Goodbye William and Donald. I quit my Facebook account last year and not interested in signing up again. This comment probably wont go through, but thought it was worth a try. Ill still be a reader, just no comments. Cate Conroy
i think that lucas is much more talented than spielberg vote for lucas
Never really cared for him. See him as a second rate painter, school teacher in europe who migrated here and so became the darling of the wannabe Moderns. Its OK, but for me misses the point. I feel nothing, its all trying to be smart. And so more related to contempt art than Modern, which seeks the unifying essence of who we are using all the senses and entire brain, not just the clever and word based frontal lobe. Its more second generation plagiarism brought to a new audience who so fell in love with it, like Duchamp who became the hero of the Armory show as Picasso and Braque sent nothing and audience missed getting Delaunay and others. Duchamp created the biggest stir, and so headlines, and we love fame in this country of followers. Millions of people, and thousands of artists lived at the same time as Picasso, Braque, Bonnard, Rouault, Miro, Matisse and so many others in Paris, meaningless. What do you have to say and how well do you say it is all that matters. And having lowered the bar from the very beginning, we never got over it here in the U.S. However, as it is so limited and sliced into sections it illustrated very well certain tendencies in Modern art, but missed the feel of it as creative art is all about relationships and how they build a life force in the work. Always has been, always will be. His are but different groups of muscle, skeleton, nervous system shown seperated, rather than as one. And so makes an effective teacher, if not a good one. He illustrates certain ideas and trends but misses the reason art exists. At least, I dont feel it. He is close enough to give some credit, just not enough to bother to like. For me, it is just paint, inert, lifeless, just sits there sorta like cy twombly does with his smearings later. Newman and Rothko do it better. But not as well as the originators before and during WWI. Over thought and under felt. It looks like a class project, I did similar when first starting, but knew them for what they were. Color studies, not living art. art collegia delenda est
Both AP and Crystal started the negativism, read our comments, they were strictly about the article, and Earth Angel attacks Sande Cohen also. Who are the PC non-dialogue types here? And i am FAR from sexist, more ageist actually, as adolescent is as adolescent does, no matter the age. As the great comic Ron white said when discussing marrying your own age woman or younger, finding one you have thoughts and feelings in common with are key as one can fix oneself up physically easily these days. But when it comes to the youngsters, well, you cant fix stupid. Proven once more, art collegia delenda est
Absolutely brilliant google. I love all the animations especially Marthas. Congratulations !!
If there is going to be a future in jazz or rock or whatever category this genre-bending band happens to fall in depending on your mood or your taste, it is with Gutbucket. They have taken Ornette and Prog Rock and created an amalgam that on first hearing is jarring and by the second set deserves ones attention, awe, and gratitude. This is not simply free-jazz blasting screeching riffs but tightly-knit and impeccably rehearsed music with each piece falling in the 3-5 minute range. These short pieces create a great variety in the set even though within each piece the episodic construction aptly affords a myriad of different moods. Theyve been around for 10 + years and I hope another 50!
Wow! One of the best Googles animation!