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Homer Simpson and Moe the Bartender drop by 'Wicked'

December 13, 2010 | 10:24 am

Moe's Tavern is dirty, rundown and filled with drunks. But as we learned in the most recent episode of Fox's "The Simpsons," the seedy Springfield dive bar now has a secret passage to the Broadway musical "Wicked."

In Sunday's episode, Moe wants to reveal a little secret to Homer Simpson but can't find a quiet place. He takes Homer through the dank storerooms of his tavern only to end up on the stage of "Wicked."

"Glinda, Madame Morrible, Flying Monkeys... can you tell me how I can get back to my bar?" asks Moe, clearly disoriented.

"Moe, you've always had the power to get back to the bar," replies Glinda.

You can watch the "Wicked"-inspired sequence in the clip above. The character of Moe is voiced by Hank Azaria, who himself has appeared on Broadway in "Spamalot" and "The Farnsworth Invention."

Sunday's episode follows Homer as he is arrested for trying to bribe a Springfield city official and is sent to jail, only to have his sentence commuted by the FBI, which wants him to serve as a spy on Fat Tony, Springfield's top mob boss.

This isn't the first time "The Simpsons" has made fun of a high-profile Broadway show. In a 2006 episode, the Simpsons family attends "Stab-A-Lot: Itchy & Scratchy: The Musical," which features puppets and set design reminiscent of Disney's "The Lion King," directed by Julie Taymor.

-- David Ng

Photo: "The Simpsons." Credit: Fox


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