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Twitter checks in on Bravo TV's 'Work of Art'

June 10, 2010 | 10:46 am

Work of Art cast Andrew EcclesI've been perusing the Twitter feed on the Wednesday night debut of Bravo TV's reality-contest show, "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist." (If you follow Twitter it's at #workofart.) A selection of the chit-chat follows -- some funny, some odd.

Twitter is, of course, Snark Central, so there's a lot of that. But since my own bias inevitably colors this selection, you can read my review of the show here.

  • MikePepi: First episode of Bravo's #workofart . BP oil spill no longer worst disaster of the past month
  • JeffAbbott: Some complaints about #workofart  are entirely legit; but some just sound like snobbery
  • jen_dalton: #workofart not helping artists' image as ridiculous untalented self-important pompous clueless tricksters
  • artfagcity: And so it begins. Real public discourse about art. 
  • carolinelau: "Art doesn’t stem from a place of competition" #WorkofArt is, like, Intervention, but with Artists. Right? via @artlog 
  • tenthmuse: I've watched 3 minutes of this show and I already want to throw canned goods at a contestant.
  • KiangaEllis: No reason 2 be humiliated. Very respectable people involved. It's just not produced 4 NY art snobs on Twitter 
  • maykr: fell asleep #workofart the rerun schedule is screwy, the 9am Sunday airing is the best option.
  • kendraschutz: Loving #WorkofArt, the new show on @Bravotv! Makes me want to break out some canvas and start painting again!
  • GardnerMichael: airing of #workofart is the same as BP's "dispersents" it sprays on the oil, thinking it will help, but pollutes more toxically
  • hragv: Now I know what people who work in fashion feel like when they watch Project Runway. I'm so sorry.

--Christopher Knight

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Photo: "Work of Art" cast; Credit: Andrew Eccles/Bravo