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A nursing supervisor at Soledad prison allegedly padded hours

December 11, 2012 | 10:54 am

A state auditor's report sheds additional light on an unfolding scandal at a California prison in Soledad.

The report, an annual compilation of state employee misconduct, notes that a nursing supervisor at the California Training Facility falsely claimed 183 hours of overtime and regular pay that she did not work, and managed to collect $8,600 she did not deserve. Had it not been for "numerous errors in processing," the overpayment would have been larger, more than $9,700, according to the report. 

The auditor notes the nursing director "neglected her duty to ensure that the nurse’s time sheets were accurate."

The report coincides with the Attorney General's drug and payroll fraud investigation at the same Soledad prison, in which the director of nursing Angelia Britt is accused of signing inaccurate and unverified time sheets, as well as allegedly orchestrating the falsification of drug inventories, covering up the fact that narcotics were being diverted in the prison. The Attorney General's complaint against Britt was filed last month before the California Board of Registered Nursing.

A second Soledad nurse, Albert Cox, is accused in a similar Attorney General complaint of diverting morphine and other narcotics from the prison pharmacy.

The audit notes that the prison is seeking reimbursement from the nursing supervisor, who took a two-year medical leave, returned for work for one month, and left again. The medical receiver's office, which oversees prison healthcare, confirmed it disciplined Britt for signing falsified time sheets, requiring her to attend a remedial training class. Britt remains on the job.


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