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Skelton: Brown isn't making clear case for tax hikes

November 1, 2012 |  7:00 am

Brown town hall

Skelton hedDespite sliding poll numbers, Gov. Jerry Brown still has a chance to pull out a victory in his tax hike campaign on election day. But the governor still isn't hammering home a winning message in the final days of the campaign, George Skelton writes in his Thursday column.

"If Prop. 30 triumphs, it will be a remarkable feat for Brown. He’ll draw kudos, not kibitzes," Skelton writes.

He adds, "But for the life of me — and I’m echoing the sentiments of innumerable pundits and pols, Democrats and Republicans — I couldn’t begin to cite much that Brown & Co. have done to sell Prop. 30."

Part of the problem, Skelton says, is the governor hasn't showcased his tax plan's populist side -- most of the new revenue would come from increasing taxes on the rich.

The issues extend to muddled descriptions of how the new money will be used.

"The governor claimed for a long time that the $6 billion in higher taxes would go '100%' to schools," Skelton says. "That may have tested well in focus groups, but it was untrue. Most of the money would be used for budget-balancing."

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Photo: Gov. Jerry Brown, speaking in Los Angeles on Wednesday, warns of painful budget cuts to schools unless voters approve his tax-hike plan. Credit: Nick Ut / Associated Press