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Skelton: School cuts unavoidable if tax measures fail

October 15, 2012 |  7:00 am

Gov. Brown stumps for Prop. 30.

SkeltonWhen Gov. Jerry Brown started his campaign for tax hikes, he was hoping for a smooth path to election day Nov. 6. Millionaire civil rights attorney Molly Munger has complicated that by attacking Brown's initiative, Proposition 30, while pushing her own tax plan, Proposition 38.

George Skelton says in Monday's column that Brown has no grounds to complain.

"Hey, this is politics," Skelton writes. "Rivals attack. No one should be shocked."

The problem is, only Proposition 30 would prevent cuts to public schools and tuition increases in the current fiscal year.

"The pressing issue in this eye-gouging tax fight is whether to whack education funding or to protect it," Skelton writes.

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