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Skelton: Few good options among California ballot measures

October 29, 2012 | 10:06 am


SkeltonWith just over a week until election day, George Skelton has a few more thoughts on how voters should decide on four lesser-known ballot measures. He explains in his Monday column how only one passes his smell test -- Proposition 40.

"Vote yes on this one if you don't any other," Skelton writes.

Californians need to pass this initiative in order to approve new Senate districts hammered out by a citizens commission. If the measure is rejected, the Supreme Court will need to go back to the drawing board.

The effort to overturn the new districts was sponsored by the state Republican Party, which has since changed its mind. But since it's already on the ballot, Californians still have to vote "yes" to approve the districts.

"It's another measure that shouldn't even be on the ballot," Skelton says.

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Photo: California state Capitol. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times