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Janice Hahn blasts Craig Huey in first TV spot of special runoff for Harman congressional seat

June 6, 2011 | 12:04 pm

In the first TV commercial in the special runoff election to succeed former Rep. Jane Harman (D-Venice), Democrat Janice Hahn highlights what she labels Republican Craig Huey's "extremist right-wing agenda."

The Hahn commercial compares Huey with potential GOP presidential candidate Sarah Palin, a polarizing figure highly popular with "tea party" adherents and conservatives but derided by Democrats and some other groups.  It says both Palin and Huey "would ban a woman's right to choose [abortion] in every case" and that both support a Republican plan to "end Medicare" but want to "give tax breaks to the wealthy. "

Only Huey, the ad continues, "called Planned Parenthood a murder mill."

Dave Gilliard, Huey's campaign consultant, said it was "a shame" that Hahn chose "to launch her runoff campaign with a nasty, negative attack ad that twists and distorts the truth."  He said the ad shows a "disregard for the intelligence of the voters ... and her understanding of her own vulnerabilities."

Huey,  a businessman who faces Hahn, a Los Angeles City Council member, July 12 in the strongly Democratic 36th Congressional District, has emphasized his cut-government-spending, grow-jobs message but has said little during the campaign about his views on abortion and other social issues.

The commercial begins airing Tuesday on cable TV channels through the district, said the Hahn campaign, which released a copy of the ad to reporters and posted it Monday on YouTube.

-- Jean Merl