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PolitiCal Roundup: Prison guard windfall, alternative energy from an unlikely source

April 19, 2011 |  1:16 pm

--The new contract for state prison guards contains a vacation benefit denied to most other state workers that could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

--In a Times op-ed piece, political consultant Larry Levine offers a quick-and-easy, three-step solution to California's governmental logjam. Get rid of term limits, for one.

--The state of California considers coal-burning power plants in other states a nuisance and has joined a lawsuit seeking remedies, but Supreme Court justices, even liberal ones, are skeptical.

--And speaking of alternative energy, a new project in San Diego offers yet another replacement for coal: Not sun, not wind, but sewage will be the source of power for 2,700 homes when construction at the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment plant is done. The project will capture methane, a byproduct of decomposing waste.