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PolitiCal Roundup: Local elections, new census findings

March 9, 2011 |  1:16 pm

Setbacks for public-employee unions could be one read on Tuesday's local election: Los Angeles voters appeared to favor cuts to public-sector pension benefits and to reject a police union challenge to library funding. Plus, an incumbent councilman facing strong union opposition pulls ahead.

At the state level, public-employee unions begin to fight back. They have a coalition, a strategy and a new PR man -- a former spokesman for Gov. Gray Davis.

Meanwhile, a twist in the fight over redevelopment agencies in Santa Clara County: County officials have sued the city of San Jose for trying to protect redevelopment funds. That money is owed to basic services, the county argues.

Population has surged in the Inland Empire and Latinos are on the rise -- facts that could alter the state's political map.

And David Broder, dean of the Washington press corps, has died.