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Moderate Democrats target Senate bills

June 3, 2010 |  3:05 pm

Despite what you may have read, there actually are a few moderates in the Legislature. And on weeks such as this, as the Legislature faces a key deadline to pass bills, moderates in the Senate have an opportunity to flex their muscle. This year, the unofficial moderate caucus in the state Senate is targeting a handful of bills it is trying to defeat on the Senate floor Thursday. Subjects of the bills vary widely and include phone books and texting while driving.

We'll update the fate of these measures as they weave their way through the Senate. Some measures already have been debated, but are awaiting final votes.

SB 933 (Oropeza) – Would extend protections offered to credit card users to anyone using a debit card.

SB 920 (Yee) – Would prohibit phone companies from delivering telephone directories to people who opt not to have them delivered to their homes.

SB 1475 (Simitian) – Would extend the ban on talking on a cellphone while driving to include text messaging and e-mailing on a mobile device while driving.

SB 1178 (Corbett) – Would give borrowers protection from a deficiency judgment when home loans are refinanced.

SB 885 (Corbett) – Would create new requirements for companies to notify consumers that gift cards that have a value of less than $10 can be redeemed for cash.

SB 1275 (Leno) – Would make new requirements before lenders can record a notice of default.

SB 1399 (Leno) – Establishes a new medical parole program for certain prison inmates.

SB 1470 (Leno) – Enacts new restrictions on outdoor advertising.

SB 1113 (Wolk) – Makes changes to the state’s tax appeal process that could earn the state as much as $25 million annually.