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Megan Fox urges no more school cuts: 'Annoy the governor until he cries for his mommy'

April 7, 2010 | 12:43 pm
Opponents of education cuts are leaning on some humor – and celebrities Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green – to oppose any deeper spending reductions for California’s public schools. The two actors teamed up for a 4-minute video produced by Funny or Die that mocks the overcrowded, teacher-less, library-less, janitor-free state of California’s schools. Fox, in search of the campus library, stumbles into a teacher-free classroom brimming full of students at what’s identified as “an elementary school somewhere in California.” “Do they treat you like this everyday?” Fox asks the students, some of whom are sick and some of whom don't speak English. “It’s no wonder so many of us end up in prison,” a redheaded girl responds. The movie is the brainchild of parents at Wonderland Avenue Elementary in Laurel Canyon, according to the Times' My-Thuan Tran.
Wonderland parents wrote the script and and produced the video with the help of Funny or Die, said John Koch, an entertainment public relations expert whose daughter attends the school. He helped write the script. “The video is an exaggeration. It’s meant to be funny, but the question is, when is enough enough?” Koch said. “How far are these cuts going to go? It’s a tough situation for a lot of people.”

At the end of the video, Fox and Green speak directly into the camera. "Make your voice heard: Call, write and annoy the governor until he cries for his mommy," Fox says, directing viewers to the Say No to Cuts website.

-- Shane Goldmacher in Sacramento