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Steve Poizner targets Meg Whitman's media dodging

March 10, 2010 |  1:19 pm
Republican gubernatorial candidate Steve Poizner has seized on Meg Whitman's penchant for skirting open news conferences, mocking Whitman in a new Internet video.

In the video released Wednesday, Poizner's campaign team seized on reports from Bay Area media outlets about Whitman's refusal to take questions at a campaign stop in Oakland on Tuesday, and set some carefully edited clips to music to make their point.

Whitman has conducted several one-on-one interviews with California political reporters in recent days, but often shies away from taking questions from the media at her events.

Poizner's team seized on Tuesday's critical coverage of Whitman in an effort to close a wide gap between him and Whitman in most opinion polls. "Whitman’s campaign has escalated from simply canceling interviews and requiring pre-scripted questions to the absurd tactics of physically removing press and hiding beyond a screen," Poizner spokeswoman Bettina Inclan said in a statement Wednesday.

Whitman's campaign responded to the video Wednesday. "This is nothing more than Poizner trying to run away from his record of raising taxes to the tune of $40 billion and undercutting Prop. 13," said spokeswoman Sarah Pompei.

-- Anthony York