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Six illegal immigrants arrested at Qualcomm

San Diego:

Six undocumented Mexican immigrants were arrested today by U.S. Border Patrol agents at Qualcomm Stadium, after a report that they were stealing food and water meant for evacuees, according to spokesman Damon Foreman.

San Diego police responded to a call about alleged theft from the evacuation center and encountered six people in a van who didn't speak English and didn't have California driver's licenses, Foreman said. The police officers called the Border Patrol, who arrived at the stadium and made the arrests, he said. Foreman said the immigrants admitted they were Mexican citizens and that they were stealing.

Border Patrol agents are not looking for illegal immigrants at the center but will continue responding to police calls for assistance.

"We are not in any means at Qualcomm for enforcement capacity," he said. "We are not there to take advantage of a situation."

Foreman said the agents have been helping in the evacuation and rescue effort in addition to carrying out their main duties.

"We are dedicated to our primary mission to securing our borders," he said.

-- Anna Gorman


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Susan Ines`

This is a shame. When all those supplies were and still are intended for our familes who were victims of the fire - some opportunistic individuals are just taking advantage of the situations. I was watching the news on Monday and there were reports that some families were just raking clothings and supplies and loading them into their vans and cars. Once done they came back for some more. The authorities and volunteers who had received the reports - being so busy taking care of everybody else just don't have the time to stop these people.

Chris B

This is disgusting - six people are arrested for "stealing" food meant for evacuees - like these people couldn't be evacuees who just lost their homes just because they speak Spanish. By all means if they are here illegally don't show them any compassion. This is a rerun of Katrina - you know, where the black man was "looting", but the white man was providing for his family - they were both taking much needed food and water from stores.

Michael in AZ

Not surprising. This is just a metaphor for what illegal invaders are perpetrating against a sick and dying nation.


Imagine that. People with no respect for the law breaking it again and stealing from people in great need.

What part of illegal is so hard to understand. The American people and law abiding LEGAL immigrants are sick and tired of these parasites.

John Fishbeck

They are lucky San Diego was not under marshall law, they could have been shot.

Doug D.

I heard that investigators were claiming that the cause of the fire was arson and that a $70,000 reward has been offered to anyone with information leading to the arrest of those responsible.Now one wouldn't have to take a leap of faith to believe that illegal alien camping and or living in those areas; like they did in McGonegle canyon could have started the fire.Why they probably were thinking they had a right to strike back at their Gringo oppressors for stealing Atzlan from them.Deport all illegal aliens!

CA Mary

I guess what they've already taken from US citizen taxpayers is not enough - just take and, oh, take a little more - take advantage, all in the name of being poor and marginalized. Instead of taking just what they themselves needed for the day from what was rightfully offered to everyone there, they felt they were entitled to whatever else they could get their hands on. In return for the non-enforcement of our immigration laws during a disaster and the extreme kindness of others, this is how they behave? I hope they're sent back to Mexico.


"We are not there to take advantage of a situation."

Why wouldn't we take advantage to round up illegals, after all, they are breaking the law too. I say grab them where they gather, send em back and make them come into this country the legal way and behave like the nice law abiding citizens that the rest of us are.


Huhm. That's pretty low stealing from someone who's just as needy as you. No doubt after this the evacuees will also be in competition for these people for jobs to get back on their feet. Some people have no sense of honor whatsoever.

Dave T.

"Six undocumented Mexican immigrants were arrested today by U.S. Border Patrol..."

This should read "Six ILLEGAL Mexican immigrants were arrested today by U.S. Border Patrol..."

This PC garbage is really getting out of hand.


"We are not in any means at Qualcomm for enforcement capacity," he said. "We are not there to take advantage of a situation." For those of you in Rio Lindo, and the rest of the US: "We've no intention of doing our jobs anymore than from the president on down. We're just gonna take our pay and pretend that we're doing our jobs, LOL."


Right again liberals, the people coming across illegally are just hard-working people looking for a better life for their families. Unbelievable.


I thought illegals contributed to our society?

David Young

As disturbing as this story is, I found one thing that was encouraging. That is, the headline actually included the term "illegal".

That's good news folks!

True, they then fell back into the same duplicitous descriptions, using terms like "undocumented" or simply, "Immigrants". But to see a main-stream media outlet like the L.A. Times deign to use the term "illegal", and in the HEADLINE, gives me some hope that some modicum of honesty on this subject might still be found there.


Illegal alien == undocumented criminal

The Owl


" we are not taking advantage of a situation" - I assume this means that they are not lying in wait for illeglas that may be displaced from the fires. The question every red-blooded Patriot born and raised in this country would like to know is - WHY NOT?

Why do we not pick them up where they wait for tax-free jobs? Why do we not pick them up on the corners? Why do we not pick them up in their homes(where 20 may live together in one house ! ) Why do we not use EVERY POSSIBLE SITUATION to secure our country from these invaders? Dingy Harry says they love this country as much as Americans........well, they love the money - that's for sure - and their families back home in Mexico love it too, when they send it home TAX FREE. They love the healthcare they get, they love the minority status they enjoy and they sure as hell love the DEMOCRATS for their undying attempts to make them all instantly legal citizens of the United States.

The time has come to speak the truth, and this is it: If you are a border patrol agent, police officer, government official - for that matter if you are an AMERICAN and you do not do everything within your power to stop illegals from living in this country, then you are a TRAITOR to your nation and your fellow Americans.


Gee, who could have seen that coming?


"We are not in any means at Qualcomm for enforcement capacity," he said. "We are not there to take advantage of a situation."

What an insane statement! Of course they should should take advantage of this situation to arrest illegals. If you get a chance to grab a group of criminals you do it! It is called doing your job!

Sam Ferguson

I'm certain that they were just taking food and water that regular Americans just would not consume.

j house

It is estimatd that 1 out of 10 'undocumented visitors' have outstanding felony warrants for their arrest.
2 out of 10 have a warrant for their arrest.
That puts it at around 2+ million people that are wanted for a minor or major criminal violation in this country, yet they walk around free to do as they choose, and no one is looking for them.
When is the law of our land going to be enforced?
Try crossing the border of any other country and see what happens.
You will be deported or worse, imprisoned.
All we are asking of our immigrants, wherever they come from, is that they follow our laws when they enter and stay in the country to make a living.
Instead, we are called racists, bigots and other names just because we want the laws to be obeyed.
What is happening to this country?

james barnes

Los Angeles should continue to caress and cater to these Undocumented immigrants so they a place to obtain food when they are hungry so they won't have to steal. These poor people just want the jobs Americans won't do!
There was no looting by American Citizens? Apparently not.


They weren't stealing. Just borrowing.


If there is a group of Federal workers who does less than the border patrol, I wish someone would enlighten me as to who they are.

In all likelihood, these thieves were taken a few miles away and released. The border patrol cannot be bothered with such trivial details. The law only applies to American citizens. Others are pretty much exempt.


Please stop using the term "undocumented immigrant." It's not as if their ID cards were lost in the mail. They have broken the law and violated our national sovereignty. They are here illegally. Any why isn't the border patrol using this situation to round up illegal immigrants who might show up at the evacuation center? Clearly they aren't doing enough to stop our borders from being overrun, and it seems logical that you would find a fair number of illegals at the evacuation shelter who have fled the fires, so here's the border patrol's chance to round up a lot of illegals with minimal work and manpower. Sure, liberals will continue their endless wailing and hand-wringing, but the majority of the tax-paying population supports this.


From the story:

Border Patrol agents are not looking for illegal immigrants at the center but will continue responding to police calls for assistance.

"We are not in any means at Qualcomm for enforcement capacity," he said. "We are not there to take advantage of a situation."


And why not? Why do these officials go out of their way to comfort the public that they are not there to enforce immigration??

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