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Silverado Canyon fire history

Silverado Canyon:

Though Silverado Canyon, with its steep walls, narrow roads, mature trees and chaparral is a potential tinderbox, it has managed to escape major damage from wildfires in modern times. Silverado Canyon was untouched even by the 1967 Paseo Grande fire, which blackened nearly 49,000 acres and burned 51 homes, mostly in the canyons and foothills of east Orange County. The blaze was marching toward the canyon, but it changed directions at the last moment and burned Black Star Canyon.

-- William Lobdell


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I remember the Paseo Grande fire very well. It was the first local fire that affected everyone like these recent fires. Does anyone remember the exact date? It was October ??, 1967. One night, we stopped our car on the La Palma overcrossing of the 5 FWY and could see all of the Orange hills burning.

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