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Precautions urged because of poor air quality

San Diego:

Mayor Jerry Sanders said Saturday that he was confident that fans were going to be OK attending Sunday's National Football League game between the Chargers and the Houston Texans, despite reports about poor air quality.

People are taking precaution and aren't exerting themselves, he said. On Saturday, the temperatures were lower and the skies overcast. There was even some rain just south of the border.

"I think [the air] is getting better each day," Sanders said.

-- Tony Perry


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how on earth would the mayor know about the air quality? i don't think he holds a degree in medicine or environmental health. rushing the children (K-12) back to school this week is a mistake. what would make more sense would be to have them out another week and return nov. 5th, that way all particulate matter would be out of the air (and their lungs). but then the districts would have to take a hit with average daily attendance, right? ridiculous!

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