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Poomacha in San Diego remains a hot spot

Cal-Fire officials are monitoring four blazes that firefighters continue to work in San Diego County on Saturday. These are the Witch, Poomacha, Harris and Rice fires, said Roxanne Provaznik, a spokeswoman for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

"The only hot spot is the Poomacha, and that's up on Palomar [Mountain]," she said. "Everything else is looking real good."

-- Tami Abdollah


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Megan Campbell

Think you for that Info On the Poomacha Fire I wish there was more I have my husband out there workiong He`s with the Foresty Hotshots Crew 1 for the Harrison Gluch right out side of Platina and I also Have my Brother out there on the same fire he work for a different fire company he works for Ore-Cal Fire Supperssion and they are there to help workiong 24hours anyways if there is anymore info. om the Poomacha Fire I would like to hear it thinks and GOD BLESS TO ALL THE PEOPLE AND THE FIREFIGHTERS YOU ARE ALL IN MY PRAYERS

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