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Air warnings

Air quality will remain unhealthful in some areas of the Los Angeles basin on Saturday, particularly around Riverside and Orange County's Saddleback Valley. Because normal wind patterns have returned, smoke is remaining in interior areas, closer to fires, rather than spreading to the coast. Most of the valleys and coastal areas returned to moderate air quality today.

In areas where unhealthful air quality is forecast, as well as anywhere that smoke or ash is seen or smelled, health officials advise everyone to avoid exerting themselves, indoors or outdoors. People with heart disease, respiratory diseases including asthma, as well as the elderly and children should remain indoors.

-- Marla Cone


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Liz Schmidt

We live in Foothill Ranch, and even the quality of air inside our homes here is horrible. Yesterday when we were treated to a few hours of clean outdoor air, it felt like heaven to open the windows and breath fresh air for the first time in days. When a faint smoke odor returned in the early evening, I was shocked to feel my heart start racing and my chest tighten up, and many of my neighbors are reporting similar experiences. So, even if you are a healthy adult, I hope you heed the warnings to stay indoors and avoid exerting yourself.

That being said, I believe my reaction to this polluted air is a "canary in the coal mine" warning that the air is loaded with toxins and substances that are probably affecting the health of most residents who have been forced to breath it for days on end. In an effort to provide a small service to these folks who are locked inside their homes, my e-business has slashed our price on a top-of-the-line air purfier--the same unit provided to Manhattan residents after 9-11.

I hope readers don't accuse me of trying to profit off the misery of those affected by the fire...I've spent countless unpaid hours ordering air filters for overnight delivery to friends and neighbors at my cost; but as a small, family-owned business with shallow pockets I cannot afford to do this for everyone in So Cal. I thought about donating a portion of the profit to relief agencies, but decided I would rather donate the profit directly to families by providing a large discount.

We sleep in a closed bedroom with one of the small units, and when we go into the hallway in the morning it feels and smells like we're walking outdoors into the smoke-filled air; so I know it's doing a tremendous job of cleaning the air. I only wish we had a few of these units so we could have one in every room, or a large one on each floor, but we only have the one that we move from room to room, depending on what we are doing at the time. (A couple days ago we ordered a large unit that will be arriving Tuesday--had we understood the impact of this air we would have ordered for overnight delivery.)

Anyway, if you live in So Cal and would like to take advantage of this discount, please visit http://www.organicandhealthy.com/fire.html. I'm not allowed to advertise the reduced price, but it is a significant discount on a serious air purifier that is highly regarded by many health care professionals, not a cheap, ineffective model available like those at local discount stores.

My thoughts, prayers and good wishes go out to all who are affected by the wildfires.

Liz Schmidt
Owner, Organic and Healthy

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