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Police shoot and kill suspected arsonist

Cal State San Bernardino:

A suspected arsonist was shot and killed by San Bernardino police last night, authorities said.

The man was spotted in a remote, brushy area behind Cal State San Bernardino, said Lt. Scott Patterson of the San Bernardino Police Department.

University police called in San Bernardino officers. When officers approached the suspect, he jumped in a car and fled, Patterson said. The man drove north on Waterman Avenue, then up a dirt fire road into the foothills, he said. When officers tried to stop him, he rammed their vehicles with his car, Patterson said.

"The officers fired their weapons in self-defense, and the suspect was struck and died as a result of his injuries," Patterson said.

The shooting is under investigation, Patterson said.

The man was in an area that burned during the 2003 Old fire, about 20 miles from the Lake Arrowhead blazes, Patterson said.

"They thought there could be the possibility that he's an arsonist," Patterson said. The area "is in the path of the fire."

-- Tami Abdollah


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Props to the police on this one! Same dude probably torched most of the areas now and in 2003.


Could this be one of the environmental terrorist described in the novel "state of fears," who produce environmental disasters to get media attention on global warming?
Considering so many fires broke out within a few hours in so many area, it is possible that this whole california fire is a organized crime planned and executed by environmental fundementalist group, i.e., environmental terrorist.

CG Mayell

Why did the San Bernardino police have to kill a man ramming their car? Couldn't they just wound him? The chance that this man is innocent is too great to justify killing him. There are many reasons an individual would flee police when surprised and alone. If terrified, an individual might even ram their car to escape. There was no mention of his being armed, which is alarming, considering what they did to him.

David Bate

Re :Post by CJ Mayell.

It is obvious that you have never fired a handgun at a car that is ramming you in order to only wound the driver. Where do you propose to only wound him as he sits in a car with almost every point that would incapacitate the driver under cover of his car.
And every exposed point where you could wound him within an inch of an area that would kill him. Your naiveté is astounding.

Karen Ladik

He was probably an illegal -- there is going to be a lot more of this kind of behavior as men and women flee any police conduct.

This is troubling because desperate illegals are going to be acting like criminals - even if they are just in the neighborhood.

Jason Crosby

CG... Did you ever consider the fact that a car is a weapon as well? If an officer was crushed inside his vehicle, there would be an argument against not having used lethal force in that respect. Bottom line, if you initiate contact with a police officer in an act of aggression, you are a dangerous individual with intent to injure... how are the police supposed to know what you might have sitting in the passenger seat? You asked, 'Why didn't they wound him?'. Not many areas to wound a man above windshield height. As unfortunate as this is... I can understand why it happened.

Michael Nelson

An small car at 20 MPH has 88,000 ft-Lb of lethal energy, about 247 times greater than the 356 ft-Lb of a 9mm bullet, . Who is using the more deadly weapon?

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