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Tourists heading home

Some tourists who decided to stay put Thursday night were giving up today and heading for the ferry back to the mainland.

A couple, who gave only their first names, Maciej and Anna, were with their two small children and had intended to stay until Sunday as part of a five-day trip. "Everybody left yesterday in a panic," they said. They decided to wait it out. But this morning, they said the situation was "still unclear" and there was "too much uncertainty" to remain. They were headed for the 12:30 p.m. ferry to San Pedro.

Pat Damiano, who arrived Wednesday from Palm Springs, was also walking toward the ferry with her chihuahua, cutting her trip short as well. Initially, she figured she could run into the water. "We'd be cold, but OK," she said. But when the flames crossed through the mountain last night, she said it was time to go. Firefighters "were doing such a good job," she said, "but no one slept."

-Seema Mehta in Avalon


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