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Some wildlife probably escaped

Some animals died, but most animals left the burn area.

"Almost all animals are hard wired to find where there is a safe place is to go," said Marty O’Toole, fire education and prevention specialist for the National Park Service. "By and large, birds are going to fly away, mammals are going to run away and reptiles are going to bury themselves."

The animals may make their way down to people’s homes in the next day or two, but will probably head back to the park once the fire is out and the firefighters are gone. Once there is rain, there will be new and tender plant shoots for the animals to eat.

-Anna Gorman


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James Lytle

Emergency water and food should be provided for deer, racoons, skunks, coyotes and other animals displaced by the Griffith Park fire. Rain is not likely before next fall. In the meantime, these animals need help!


Since it will be a while before new sprouts appear, this is the one time people need to put out seed and suet. Wildlife blocks of nuts and corn for deer and other mammals are also helpful as are salt blocks and of course, fresh, clean water. When the new growth appears, the animals will forage on their own again. Make sure the temporary feeding stations are removed after they are able to find their own food since the spring babies must learn to survive in nature.


The seed, water and wildlife blocks need to be put out immediately. Tonight, if anyone can get in there.

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