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Americans begin to overhaul -- just a bit -- their opinions of healthcare law

June 30, 2010 |  6:40 pm


Maybe the reassessment is triggered by a more relaxed summer mood, or the fact that Americans are inherently optimistic and figure they just as well hope for the best. In any case, the public appears to be looking slightly more favorably at the new healthcare overhaul law.

The Kaiser Family Foundation released a survey Wednesday showing that 48% of respondents expressed favorable views of the law (up 7 percentage points over last month); 41% were still less than impressed. And 10% had yet to choose sides.

Want to know what fellow Americans are thinking, why they're thinking it and more, especially now that they're less informed/swayed by the headlines of the day? The healthcare poll parses it neatly.

The report predicts a political effect come fall -- you know, election time.

If you're in the aforementioned 10%, keep this in mind: The site offers a wealth of information on health reform. It might be worth checking out before you show up at the voting booth.

-- Tami Dennis

Photo: To hear what Americans have to say, just ask. Credit: File