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Two smaller snacks in one pack: Can it be ... we'll eat them both?

February 11, 2010 |  5:34 pm

A new shocker from science!

Researchers investigated whether people who purchased two-pack king size chocolate bars (delightfully abbreviated to TPKSCBs in the article where we learned of it) actually intended to eat their treat over more than one day.

They did not, it transpired.

Of the 110 subjects approached at a gas station and 33 approached at a railway station, "91.6% of respondents intended to eat the TPKSCB on the same day. The most common reasons given were hunger, and not having considered the size," the article explains.

And this: "The team said the indication is that consumers still perceive the entire package as one unit instead of two, because they come in the same wrapper."

The study, entitled “Two pack king size chocolate bars. Can we manage our consumption?” is available online in the journal Appetite, here. (You can read the abstract for free but will have to shell out if you want to read the whole study.)

The chocolate bars in this particular study were two 35 gram Mars bars of 158 calories each, sold together in a pack. Of course, the study was conducted in the Netherlands. It may not pertain to human behavior here. 

--Rosie Mestel