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Sure, there's the risk of fecal contamination, but still ... salad is good for you!

February 2, 2010 |  5:08 pm

People in the U.S. seem to eat so very few greens and vegetables and foods that aren't deep-fried. So what kind of health advocate would even think of trying to cast aspersions on pre-washed, packaged salads -- one of the easiest ways to eat more healthfully? The ever-bold Consumers Union! You go, guys!

The folks that bring us Consumer Reports didn't find any reason to toss the ever-so-convenient bags into the trash. But they did find reason for us to wonder whether convenience is worth the price if we also have to weigh the risks of fecal contamination. And if you have to wash the product anyway, it's not that convenient.

Here's the report.

Bacteria. Tsk.

And here's earlier coverage of vegetable and fruit consumption and a quick lettuce primer from (If you're still eating iceberg, this is a must-read.)

-- Tami Dennis