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From the Food blogs: Supreme Court, Michelle Obama, more

January 22, 2010 |  5:39 pm

Carrots A quick sampling from the Food blogs:

Food politics:

Thursday's Supreme Court decision to overturn rules regulating the amount of money corporations and unions can spend in election campaigns means "nothing good" for food issues, says NYU nutrition professor Marion Nestle. "Those of us who care about creating a good, clean, fair, and sustainable food system will have to work harder now, she writes at her blog, Food Politics. And in an article at Food Safety News, she says, "all I can do is weep." 

"As Nestle sees it," the article states, "if you reduce the corporate cash involved in food regulatory politics, 'elected representatives can focus on public health rather than corporate health.' "


Michelle Obama's four-point initiative against childhood obesity, which she discussed in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday, "will fail," writes the Fooducate blogger. She said her measure "includes increasing the number of 'healthy schools' where kids have access to nutritious food; providing more opportunities for kids to be physically active; ensuring that affordable healthy food is available in more communities; and giving parents the information they need to make good choices for themselves and their families." 

"I’m sorry, First Lady, your plan, while commendable, doesn’t have a fighting chance," responds blogger Hemi Weingarten. Why does he think so? Go here to find out.

The slow cook:

Give the kids vegetables for snacks instead of chips and they'll eat them. Hmm, maybe not. Ed Bruske goes to a D.C.-area school to see what kids do with the produce they're given to eat. They'll eat the fruit, he finds. But they to go great lengths to avoid the vegetables--except carrots--for example, showing up late for their snack so that all the veggies will have been given out and they can get a banana instead.

Eat this, not that:

The 30 worst sandwiches in America-- "a lineup of disastrous hand-held mega-meals that'll bloat your belly and call for a loosening of belt buckles." What! Au Bon Pain's Prosciutto Mozzarella Sandwich is 780 calories with 2,270 mg -- a days' worth -- of sodium? Bah.

You are not a fit person:

Following my sound-off a few days ago about a snack that seemed to make candy out of fruit, I was alerted to another, more complete post on much the same topic titled "I Hate Candy Posing as Healthy." (I swear I didn't steal it!) Read, enjoy, get mad, get hungry...

-- Rosie Mestel

Photo credit: David Karp