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Thanksgiving-eating psychology -- with a twist. Oh, and some turkey nutrition

November 20, 2009 |  7:06 pm

Turkeyy Thanksgiving's just around the corner -- so here are two Health section stories published in festive seasons of yore that should be just about as helpful now as they were then. 

In one, freelance writer Ben Harder and I decided to dispense with all that sensible "moderation" advice about taking small portions and eschewing the gravy and pie.

Instead, we set out to learn what the science of human eating behavior tells us about conditions that make us prone to gorge or exercise restraint. Things like... the size of your plate. The color of your tablecloth. The tightness of your clothes. And more. Read and enjoy.

(We shouldn't have to say this, but we will: These are not necessarily serious suggestions, friends! But they do present an interesting window into eating psychology.)

The other is filled with info about turkeys -- nutritional profile of different parts of the bird, how to read a label, what's allowed to be added to turkeys and what isn't. As if you cared much about that stuff on the day itself. But, as freelance writer Karen Ravn said in the article's intro, the rest of the year, you might. 

--Rosie Mestel

Photo credit: Bill Hogan / Chicago Tribune