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Maybe the best sex ed comes via honest answers

July 14, 2009 |  6:42 pm

British health officials are getting a bit of flak for a new sex education pamphlet directed at kids. A hint as to why: It's titled "Pleasure."

Here's the Associated Press story. It states: "The National Health Service in the city of Sheffield produced the booklet, which has a section called 'an orgasm a day' that encourages educators to tell teens about the positive physical and emotional effects of sex and masturbation, which is described as an easy way for people to explore their bodies and feel good."

The Daily Mail story adds this: "Its author, Steve Slack, director of the Centre for HIV and Sexual Health at NHS Sheffield, defended it by saying the advice could encourage young people to delay losing their virginity until they are sure they will enjoy the experience."

Um, maybe.

But considering the movies and images that teens, and even those much younger, watch and view, it would seem logical to assume that their expectations of enjoyment (whether realistic are not) are fairly high.

Perhaps what they need is honesty.

For that, there's Sex, Etc. The site, billed as "sex education by teens, for teens," is part of the Teen-to-Teen Sexuality Education Project developed by Answer at Rutgers University. No glamor, no expectations, just answers.  

-- Tami Dennis