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Happy Father's Day (if you're really the father)

June 10, 2009 |  1:06 pm

Nothing says “Happy Father’s Day” quite like a paternity test.

So perhaps it’s only fitting that from now until June 21, Genelex Corp. is offering a 10% discount on all its home DNA tests, including paternity tests.

The home paternity test, which compares DNA from father and child, is the company's bestseller at $400 (before discount). For those who aren’t quite sure whom they should be celebrating on Father’s Day, another potential dad can be added to the test for $200 more. Tests designed to be admissible in court proceedings cost a little extra.

If dad’s not available, don’t despair. Genelex can still confirm junior’s parentage by analyzing DNA samples from the child and both of his (suspected) paternal grandparents. That test starts at $795, before the discount. If the grandparents are out of the picture, paternity could still be confirmed by testing the kid’s siblings, aunts and uncles, according to the Genelex website.

Though it may strike some as an inappropriate gift, genetic proof of fatherhood can be help kids establish their rights to child support, death benefits or even immigration. As the company puts it, a paternity test can be “a gift of peace of mind.”

-- Karen Kaplan