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World's a-Twitter about swine flu

April 27, 2009 |  1:45 pm

Mexicoswine Online chatter about swine flu has spiked sharply, with swine flu currently the topic of nearly 2% of all Tweets and 1% of blog posts, according to Nielsen:

"As reports of the swine flu outbreak reached beyond Mexican borders and into the U.S. late last week, the internet has been buzzing furiously about risks, symptoms, and other updates for information," Nielsen says. "By comparison, the volume of conversations about the epidemic have already exceeded nearly 10 to 1 those surrounding the salmonella and peanut butter scares from earlier this winter… or, to put it in another cultural perspective, the chatter about swine flu even dwarfs that of recent viral media star Susan Boyle."

Perhaps not surprising -- except perhaps for the Susan Boyle bit -- but the charts are fun to look at. Tweet it! Blog it! And e-mail the news to your friends!

-- Rosie Mestel

P.S.: Is all this twittering a good thing? Not necessarily, according to

Photo Credit: Guillermo Arias / Associated Press