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Fetal tests, drug labels, medical devices -- Editor's Picks

November 3, 2008 |  9:29 am

In other health-related news, with wide implications, from around the Web:

From Washington Post: Fresh hopes and concerns as fetal DNA tests advance

"Doctors have started using powerful new DNA tests to screen fetuses for a wider range of genetic abnormalities, spotting more problem pregnancies early but stirring fears that the results will increase abortions as well as confuse and needlessly alarm many couples."

From NPR: Supreme Court hears case involving drug labels

"The Supreme Court hears arguments Monday in a case involving drug labels and the Food and Drug Administration. The result could limit liability claims against drugmakers, if one of their medicines causes harm. The case pits Wyeth Pharmaceuticals against a musician who lost part of an arm after she was improperly injected with an anti-nausea drug made by the company."

From the New York Times: Quickly vetted, treatment is offered to patients

"After a surgeon removed a cancerous lump from Karen Medlock's breast in November, he recommended radiation, a routine next step meant to keep cancer from recurring. But he did not send her for the kind of radiation most women have received for decades. ... Only when Ms. Medlock, 49, sought a second opinion did she learn a startling truth: MammoSite is still highly experimental."

-- Tami Dennis