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Up close and personal: Blogging about infertility

April 15, 2008 | 10:34 am


"Infertility, once referred to as the 'silent disorder,' has found a voice," says Washington, D.C.-based writer Cheryl Miller in a fascinating essay titled "Blogging Infertility" in the latest edition of The New Atlantis.

Blogging, says Miller, has provided a powerful outlet for the infertile, providing unlimited support and information. For the public, she says, the multitude of infertility blogs offers a unique perspective on the condition but in a way that is sometimes so personal it borders on voyeurism.

"The openness and transparency encouraged by the Internet pose new challenges, particularly for something as intimate as human reproduction. Allowing the world to read about -- and comment on -- your political opinions is one thing. Allowing the world a front-row seat to witness your struggles to conceive is another."

negative pregnancy test from Maybe Baby blog Miller describes popular blogs such as Stirrup Queens, Coming2Terms and one of the few blogs written by a man, Maybe Baby. Maybe Baby is the story of Chicago writer Matthew M.F. Miller (no relation to Cheryl Miller) who, on Friday, announced that his wife, Constance, took her 10th negative pregnancy test in the last two years. On Monday, Miller blogged:

"Pregnancy isn't simple science, not for me and not for us, and no amount of science will ever change my mind about that."

He's writing a book, apparently the first male memoir on infertility, due out later this year.

-- Shari Roan

Photo: Frozen eggs in the USC Fertility laboratory, Bryan Chan / Los Angeles Times

Photo: Courtesy of Maybe Baby