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SYRIA: Spirits (and shoes) high among protesters [Video]

August 19, 2011 |  8:34 am

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The demonstrators hold their shoes aloft amid loud shouts of "Bye, bye, Bashar!" taunting embattled Syrian ruler Bashar Assad with their footwear in what is considered a grave insult in the Arab world.

Protesters in the Inshaat neighborhood in Syria's central city of Homs were in high spirits during Friday's nationwide "Promise of victory" rallies despite the regime's continued violent crackdown on anti-government protesters, according to the video below purportedly captured on Friday.


Feelings were similar at a demonstration in Kisweh outside Damascus, the capital. Crowds could be seen condemning the regime, chanting "The people want the downfall of the president" in footage posted below.

A young demonstrator with his back turned toward the camera is seen wearing a T-shirt that says "Friday of the promise of victory--Kisweh."


A group of pro-democracy demonstrators in the Hamidiye district of the besieged protest stronghold of Hama held a creative rally in a street.

They are seen sitting on the ground in the clip below, clapping their hands and chanting for the downfall of the regime before suddenly jumping to their feet and repeating the slogan in a higher voice.


Like many other days during the five-month uprising, protests were reportedly met with violence in many areas across the country-- despite Assad's pledge to halt military operations against demonstrators.

This clip, purportedly filmed in the Damascus suburb of Harasta, shows people running down a narrow valley ducking from a barrage of gunfire.

"Go away Bashar," the cameraman is heard saying amid a hail of bullets. "You stopped the military operations, you dog?"


 -- Alexandra Sandels in Beirut

Photo and video credit: YouTube