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SYRIA: Troops caught on camera behaving very badly [Video]

August 20, 2011 |  8:01 am

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Disturbing new footage showing uniformed soldiers beating, kicking, and humilitating what appear to be detainees have emerged on the Internet and gone viral on pan-Arab TV stations in the last few days.

One of the clips, posted below, shows a group of handcuffed, shirtless men being punched and kicked by men in camouflage uniforms -- some of whom are seen recording video of the abuse with their own mobile phones (warning: violent images).

The men are sitting in the middle of a dusty road in what looks like a makeshift military camp. Tanks and a fluttering Syrian flag can be seen at a distance away.


Another clip aired prominently on Arab and international media outlets over the last two days is the scandalous video below which shows at least two men in military uniforms kicking a group of men with their black boots and beating them with their fists at an unknown location. "With my soul, my blood, I sacrifice myself for you, Bashar," the men start chanting in support of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Then one of them breaks out in laughter.

Detainees, meanwhile, are keeping their heads down on the seats in the bus in an apparent attempt to try to avoid beatings to their heads. "Syria, God, Bashar and that's it," the soldiers shout as the bus continues along the road.


Similar scenes were caught on video, probabaly also by government enforcers.

In the clip below, uploaded to YouTube on June 12 and said to have been shot in the coastal city of Banias south of Lattakia, a number of people are beaten as they lie handcuffed, face down on the ground.

Uniformed armed men, some carrying sticks or rods, are seen patrolling alongside them, kicking and cursing at the men.

"You want freedom, eh?" one of uniformed men says. "You want to demonstrate?"

"This one," he continues as the camera zooms in on the face of one of the men on the ground.

"This American collaborator," he says, and the man is beaten.


Another clip purportedly shows security forces and plainclothes government enforcers known as Shabiha beating a man to death in a street in the protest stronghold of Hama in May of this year.

-- Los Angeles Times

Photo and video: YouTube