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LIBYA: 'Gaddafi's Hat' remix set to go viral [video]

August 25, 2011 |  1:26 pm


It was only a matter of time.

Noy Alooshe, the Israeli journalist and musician who brought the world the now famous "Zenga Zenga" video remix of Moammar Kadafi's defiant  Feb. 22 speech cursing rebel forces, has just posted a new video.

"Gaddafi's Hat" (Freedom Fighters Remix) is crafted from Sky News video that Babyblon posted yesterday showing Alex Crawford interviewing a rebel fighter who identified himself as "Mr. Al Windi" and claimed to have seized Kadafi's iconic military hat (along with a few other items) from a bedroom of his sprawling Bab Azizia complex in Tripoli.

Alooshe was first inspired by Kadafi's rambling speech, and began using auto-tune programming on his computer to set the beat of Kadafi's words to the music of rapper Pitbull’s "Hey Baby" (also featuring rapper T-Pain).

(And yes, the original video features clips from Kadafi's speech overlaid with images of go-go dancers,  although there were many knock-offs).

Alooshe titled the new song "Zanqa Zanqa" based on Kadafi's repetition of the word zanqa, Libyan Arabic for alleyway.

"House to house, room to room, alley to alley, person to person we will disinfect the whole country from filth," Kadafi says.

The title morphed into "Zenga Zenga" as the video went viral within days via Facebook and Twitter, becoming a favorite of Conan O’Brien and apparently Kadafi's own family and supporters.

Now the "Zenga Zenga" video has more than a million hits and has been viewed more than 4 million times, according to YouTube (and that's just counting the orginal, clean version).

The new video had fewer than 300 views at last count (far less than Alooshe's 2008 "Livni Boy", which mocked a guy obsessed with Israeli Kadima Party leader Tzipi Livni) but had started to catch on with the Twitter crowd.

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--Molly Hennessy-Fiske

Video: The latest Noy Alooshe Libya video remix posted online Thursday. Credit: YouTube.