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SYRIA: Video purportedly shows militiamen storming mosque

July 22, 2011 | 10:18 am

A house of worship reportedly became a scene of violence Friday as pro-President Bashar Assad militiamen stormed the Amena mosque in the country's second-largest city Aleppo after noontime prayers, assaulting and beating people.

And some of it was apparently captured on tape.

The clip below depicts a scene of chaos inside the mosque with people shouting and screaming and trying to escape the indiscriminate violence.


But it was a quite a different scene in nearby Hama, where activists in the country's fourth-largest city joined together for an extraordinary show of unity and patriotism directed against Assad's violent regime.


"The people are free, Syria is free," demonstrators are heard chanting, clapping their hands, in the video clip below -- purportedly filmed at a mosque in the Medan district of Damascus on Friday. 


 -- Los Angeles Times

Video credit: YouTube