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SYRIA: Glimpses of violence give a taste of the tension and peril on the streets [Video]

July 9, 2011 |  4:08 am

Picture 8Gunfire, screams, house raids and people running for their lives away from hails of bullets.

Amateur video footage purportedly filmed Friday during protests in Syria offers glimpses of the horror and chaos on the streets as gunmen loyal to the authoritarian regime of President Bashar Assad attempt to quell a pro-democracy uprising.

In the clip below, purportedly filmed in the Damascus suburb of Dariya, security forces fire tear gas and gunshots at stone-hurling young men shouting "Freedom!" 


In the central city of Homs, pro-regime enforcers raided homes and arrested people, according to the video footage seen below. Filmed from afar, the clip shows jerky images of what appears to be two uniformed men entering a building while their comrades wait outside next to a minivan.

When the men come back out, it seems they are leading a third person out and that the group waiting outside is trying to bundle the person into the van, a scene that prompts loud screams -- perhaps from onlooking residents or family members.

Horror also gripped the streets of Syria's northwestern province of Idlib, according to the amateur footage posted below, which shows crowds of people running as gunshots ring out around them.

"Demonstrations in the city of Idlib -- live bullets being fired!" shouts a narrator.

And here below, a clip purportedly filmed Friday in Harasta on the outskirts of Damascus shows angry protesters confronting security officials who appear to be hitting a demonstrator on the ground. "Friday of no dialogue -- the security is beating the demonstrators," a narrator says as the camera zooms in on a member of the security forces beating a person with a stick or a rod. Cries of "God is great!" and "You dogs!" are heard as the beating goes on.

Finally, another clip, also purportedly from Harasta, perhaps shows the lead up to the previous video. Its caption says it shows clashes between security forces and demonstrators and depicts what looks to be security forces hurling stones at people hiding behind a corner in a narrow alley. Loud thuds can be heard as the stones land on the ground beside them.

Toward the end, the narrator himself appears to be hit by a piece of a stone block. "The security forces ... Friday of no dialogue," he begins seconds before another thud is heard. He cries out and the image cuts.

-- Alexandra Sandels in Beirut

Photo and video: YouTube