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MIDDLE EAST: White House condemns violence in Syria and Yemen

March 25, 2011 | 12:57 pm

On a day of numerous protests in the Middle East, the White House on Friday condemned violence against demonstrators in Syria and Yemen.

The White House “urges the leaders of these countries to pursue peace [and] political dialogue with broad swaths of their country,” Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters. 

Carney also said that the president has reached out to congressional leaders and would address the American people in the near future about his decision to involve U.S. forces in the Libyan campaign.

"I think that the American people do expect and will get from this president what they have gotten in the past, which is a very clear explanation of the decisions he makes when he makes the significant decision to engage in military action," Carney said at his afternoon briefing. 

-- Alexandra Zavis