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BAHRAIN: Video and photos surface from protests

March 25, 2011 |  3:57 pm

Video footage surfaced Friday on YouTube purporting to show protests in a number of mainly Shiite villages against the ruling Sunni dynasty in Bahrain, in defiance of a government ban.

Bahrain2 Police fired tear gas to break up the demonstrations, part of a "Day of Rage" which resulted in at least one death, according to Wefaq, the country's leading Shiite opposition group. 

The footage above was captured in Boori, according to human rights activists. The town was the site of a funeral Monday for Abdul Rasoul Hejairi, a 38-year-old hospital worker who had disappeared while out running an errand Saturday.

The man's family received a call the next day saying he was dead, his body found miles from his town with wounds consistent with being beaten to death, rights groups said. Bahrain1

Hejairi, who was Shiite, was not politically active and did not participate in rallies, his widow said.

Rights activists provided the photographs, which they said were taken during protests Friday in the town of Sitra.

The authenticity of the images could not be independently verified.

-- Neela Banerjee in Manama, Bahrain