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TUNISIA: Purge of former regime loyalists continues

February 4, 2011 |  6:12 am

Tunisians have already ousted their longtime president from power in a popular uprising. 

But the vestige's of Zine el-Abidine ben Ali's 23-year rule remain in place.

A quiet, ongoing purge of former loyalists to Ben Ali continued Thursday with the firing of the former president's staff, the country's official news agency reported.

"By virtue of decrees under publication, all the members of the former president's staff have been dismissed from their duties," the country's official Tunis Afrique Presse, or TAP, news agency reported Friday, citing an official source.

A day earlier, Tunisian authorities replaced all 24 of the country's governors, who are appointed by the president. 

Tunisian authorities also have embarked on a purge of the Interior MInistry.

-- Los Angeles Times

Photo: A woman walks near a wall with graffiti which reads "Finally Freedom" in Tunis on Tuesday. Credit: Louafi Larbi / Reuters