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LIBYA: Reports of military aircraft firing on protesters

February 21, 2011 |  9:18 am


Military aircraft fired live ammunition at crowds of anti-government protesters in Tripoli, Al Jazeera satellite network reported Monday, quoting witnesses.

No independent verification of the report was immediately available.

Planes of the Libyan Air Force reportedly opened fire on protesters in central Tripoli. There is no way to confirm this currently, but we are getting many reports of chaos on the streets of the capital.

"Further reports of live ammunition being used on protesters in Tripoli, with lots of tweets saying security forces are again driving cars around the city, shooting at everyone and everything," Al Jazeera reported.

Ahmed Elgazir, a human rights researcher, told Al Jazeera that Libya News Center, an organization based in Geneva, had received a call for help from a woman "witnessing the massacre" in progress who called on a satellite phone after land lines were cut.

--  Molly Hennessy-Fiske

Photo: Residents and medical personnel crowd Al-Jalaa hospital in Benghazi on Monday. The Arabic sign reads "Al-Jalaa Hospital, Emergency and Paramedic section." Libyan protesters celebrated in the streets of Benghazi on Monday, claiming control of the country's second largest city after bloody fighting, and anti-government unrest spread to the capital with clashes in Tripoli's main square for the first time. Credit: Alaguri / Associated Press