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LIBYA: U.N. names names, identifying inner members of Kadafi regime in travel ban

February 27, 2011 |  1:55 pm

Kadafi2 The U.N. Security Council might have limited resources with which to intervene in the uprisings in Libya, but it named names -- and birthdays and passport numbers -- in its resolution Saturday imposing travel bans and freezing the assets of members of the Kadafi regime. The U.N. resolution, obtained by the Los Angeles Times, lists the names, dates and places of birth of dozens of Kadafi's closest associates and relatives, lending some insight into who is controlling the foundering regime.

Aside from condemning the violence in Libya and referring actions of the Kadafi regime to the International Criminal Court, the resolution "decides that all Member States shall take the necessary measures to prevent the entry into or transit through their territories of individuals listed in Annex I of this resolution."

It also says "all Member States shall freeze without delay all funds, other financial assets and economic resources which are on their territories, which are owned or controlled, directly or indirectly, by the individuals or entities listed in Annex II of this resolution."

Annex I, the travel ban, lists 16 people. They include Abdulqader Mohammed Baghdadi, born in 1950, who is the head of the Liasions Office of the Revolutionary Committees, which was involved in violence against demonstrators, and Col. Abdullah Senussi, born in 1949 in Sudan, the director of military intelligence, who is the brother-in-law of Moammar Kadafi (full list of names after the jump).

Annex II, the asset freeze, lists six people. They include four Kadafi sons, his daughter and the leader himself. The annex refers to Moammar Kadafi, born in 1942 in Sirte, Libya, as leader of the revolution, supreme commander of armed forces, responsible for ordering the repression of demonstrations of human-rights abuses.

Kadafi said Sunday that the Libyan people supported him and that the sanctions were "null and void,"  even as rebels closed in on Tripoli.

"The U.N. is not allowed to meddle in the internal affairs of other countries, unless a country is attacking another state," Kadafi said in an interview with a Serbian news station.

Meanwhile, the British government said it had evacuated another 150 civilians by plane as ships and plans from China, Greece and other countries moved to evacuate civilians.

Full list of names follows...

Below are people named in the travel ban ordered by the UN Security Council. Those with asterisks are also named in the ordered asset freeze.

1. Dr. Abdulqader Mohammed. Born 1950, Head of the Liaison Office of the Revolutionary Commitees, which were involved in violence against demonstrators.

2. Abdulaqader Yusef Dibri, born 1946 in Houn, Libya. Head of Kadafi's personal security, has history of directing violence against dissidents.

3. Abu Zayd Umar Dorda. Director of External Security Organization, head of external intellience agency.

4. Major General Abu Bakr Yunis Jabir, born 1952 in Jalo, Libya. Defense Minister, responsible for actions of armed forces.

5. Matuq Mohammed Matuq, born 1956 in Khoms. Secretary for Utilities, senior regime member, past history of involvement in suppression of dissent with violence.

6. Sayyid Mohammed Qadhaf Al-dam, born 1948 in Sirte, Libya. Cousin of Kadafi, involved in arms procurement. The annex says Sayyid was responsible for several deaths in Europe in the 1980s as the administration undertook an assassination campaign.

7. Aisha Moammar Kadafi, born 1978 in Tripoli. Kadafi's daughter, she is close to the regime.*

8. Hannibal Moammar Kadafi, born 1975 in Tripoli. Son of Kadafi, also close to the regime.*

9. Khamis Moammar Kadafi, born 1978 in Tripoli. Commanded military units involved in repression of demonstrations.*

10. Mohammed Muammar Kadafi, born 1970 in Libya. Son of Kadafi, close to the regime.

11. Moammar Mohammed Abu Minyar Kadafi, born 1942 in Sirte. Leader of the Revolution, Supreme Commander of Armed Forces, responsible for ordering repressions of demonstrations of human rights abuses.*

12. Mutassim Kadafi, born 1976 in Tripoli. Son of Kadafi, National Security Advisor.*

13. Saadi Kadafi, born 1973 in Tripoli. Son of Kadafi, Commander of Special Forces, commanded military units involved with repression of demonstrations.

14. Saif al-Arab Kadafi, born 1982 in Tripoli. Son of Kadafi, close to regime.

15. Saif Islam Kadafi, born 1972, Tripoli. Son of Kadafi, Director of the Kadafi Foundation, released "inflammatory public statements encouraging violence against protesters."*

16. Colonel Abdullah Senussi, born 1949 in Sudan. Director of Military Intelligence, which was involved in suppression of demonstrations. Convicted in absentia for bombing of UTA flight. Brother-in-law of Kadafi. "Past history includes suspicion of involvement in Abu Selim prison massacre," annex says.

-- Alana Semuels

Photo: Moammar Kadafi in 2005. Credit: Khaled Fiqi / European Pressphoto Agency