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IRAN: Security forces thwart demonstrators

July 21, 2009 |  8:58 am


Police swarm pedestrians in this image from Tehran's Seventh of Tir Square today, where demonstrators trying to hold a rally to commemorate a nationalist historical event were thwarted by security forces wielding batons. 

Witnesses said security forces, especially plainclothes Basiji militiamen pummeled unarmed demonstrators in an attempt to shoo them away from the area, one of the city's busiest commercial districts.

The day marked the 57th anniversary of an uprising in support of nationalist hero Mohammed Mossadegh, a democratically elected prime minister who was removed from office in 1953 in a CIA-backed coup.

Many supporters of Mir-Hossein Mousavi, a former prime minister who was defeated by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in disputed elections last month, vow to continue heading to the streets on any given holiday or commemoration.

-- Los Angeles Times

Photo: Police confront pedestrians in Tehran's Seventh of Tir Square today. Credit: Special to the Los Angeles Times