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IRAN: Journalist Roxana Saberi discusses election protests with BBC

June 24, 2009 |  8:57 am

Roxana S The BBC has posted a video clip of an interview conducted Tuesday by "Newsnight's" Jeremy Paxman with Iranian American journalist Roxana Saberi. In the clip, Saberi discusses her imprisonment in Iran earlier this year and her views about the protests over the country's disputed presidential election.

"I know that a lot of Iranians are very angry at the way that these peaceful protesters have been treated, confronted with violence, and it’s not clear yet if the violence will continue, and if it does, will the people be scared into silence or will the opposite happen, will they be more aggravated. But even if they become silent, these ones who are protesting and the ones who are upset now, that doesn’t mean that their emotions or their contempt will just disappear. Instead I think these emotions will remain and they’ll just intensify."

-- Alexandra Zavis in Los Angeles

Photo: American-Iranian journalist Roxana Saberi, seen during a press conference in Paris on Wednesday June 24, 2009. Credit: Thibault Camus / AP