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Emmy nominee Amy Poehler says L.A. takes getting used to

September 8, 2011 |  3:10 pm

Parks and Recreation star Amy Poehler in West Hollywood

With “Parks and Recreation” up and running for its fourth season, self-described “East Coast girl” and comedy actress Emmy nominee Amy Poehler has pulled up stakes from her New York digs and returned to Los Angeles with husband Will Arnett and their sons — Archie, 2, and Abel, 1. (Yes, when selecting names, alliteration was a plus.)

Poehler will never get used to L.A. weather. (“It confounds me,” she says. “People who live here like to tell you that there are seasons in L.A. because one week is rainier than usual. No. Sorry. That’s not a season.”) And she’s just getting used to the Southland’s sprawling layout, which she says makes it too easy to “hide in your house and never see anyone.”

“In New York, you feel like you have accomplished something just by doing an errand,” Poehler says. “You go outside and see all these people and you interact with them. You meet someone in the street, you make a plan. You feel very engaged.”

And those interactions, Poehler says, come with a directness often absent in Los Angeles. “I find California to be very sideways,” she says. “In New York, when you’re talking to someone in the street, you say, ‘Oh, I gotta go.’ ‘Why?’ ‘I’ve been talking to you too long. I gotta go.’

“Whereas there’s a certain fluidity and poetry in California that I’m starting to get into and find groovy and understand more. It’s taken a long time, though. I still feel like I’m always the one talking the loudest and fastest in the room.”


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— Glenn Whipp

Photo: "Parks and Recreation" star Amy Poehler in West Hollywood. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Time.