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The 12 worst Emmy episode submissions

August 24, 2011 |  2:00 pm

Actors win or lose Emmys based on how smart or unwise they are when choosing a sample episode of their TV series to be evaluated by judges. Because we don't know this year's winners yet, we can't condemn current choices, so commenters in our forums are focusing on what they believe were the worst submissions made in recent years. Below are 12 top blunders, they say. See more in our forums.

742 -- Didn't Sarah Jessica Parker submit some bad episodes for "Sex and the City." I remember that she submitted a farting episode for her first nomination that was supposed to be terrible.

iskolar -- Steve Carell, "The Injury" (2006) -- It was The Office's big year, and people were thinking he can pull off with this submission. Or maybe not. The bad effect of this submission is that it gave Tony Shalhoub his 3rd Emmy win. Everybody... sigh.

adamunc - Jon Hamm choosing "The Mountain King" two years ago [for "Mad Men"] when he had "The Jet Set" and especially "Three Sundays" as options.

RBurton -- "Damages" episode "Your Secrets Are Safe" submitted for Glenn Close, Rose Byrne, and Lily Tomlin. Whoever did submissions for FX last year clearly did not watch the season or just figured the season premiere would suffice. All of these ladies had better tapes. Close had "Don't Throw That at the Chicken," and Byrne and Tomlin had "All That Crap About Your Family."

Slam -- Mary-Louise Parker could've had a better chance for the 4th season of "Weeds" if she'd submitted "Little Boats," "If you work for a living ..." or specifically "No Man Is Pudding". "NMIP" had everything. Emotional scenes, physical comedy, 3 or 4 big monologues (all different), scenes opposite Elizabeth Perkins (always top-notch), not to mention she looked gorgeous in the final dinner table scene.

thedemonhog -- Terry O'Quinn for "Walkabout"/"The Moth" in 2005, when he should have gone with "Deus ex Machina" (his best performance of ["Lost"]) for his second tape.

iskolar -- Kevin Dillon, ["Entourage"] "Tree Trippers" (2009) Singlehandedly the worst comedic submission in years. He doesn't have a chance in hell, but like Morrison, he could have at least given his nomination some redemption. After all, this is the first time Piven was snubbed.

Atypical -- One of the worst ones I can think of is Laurie Metcalf for "Desperate Housewives." Choosing "Listen to the Rain on the Roof" instead of "Bang" was ridiculous. It would have been an easy Emmy win for her, and I doubt any tape could have stopped her. That has to be included in any list of boneheaded Emmy submissions.

ashmores -- Rachel Griffiths, Six Feet Under, The Secret 2002. Not only was this one of the lesser episodes of season 2, her character was so detestable in this episode even when a light bulb goes off in her head to stop the cheating. She might have given Allison Janney a run for her money if she had chosen 'I'll Take You' which includes her argument with Peter Krause's Nate - the best argument in the past ten years of television.

Brilliance inmorbid -- The biggest Edie Falco blunder had to be for ["The Sopranos"] season five when she went with "Sentimental Education" and not "All Happy Families...". In the former she had screentime, but screentime was all she had. It was a very blah episode and a very ho-hum performance. In the latter there was screentime, crying, yelling, belittling of Tony. Classic Carmela.

Professor Chaos -- Jason Bateman - Arrested Development - "Good Grief". He went from a strong contender to last place with that submission.

Carlo -- When she had strong options [with "Malcolm in the Middle"] like "Lois' Sister" and "Malcolm Visits College" in 2004 Jane Kazcmarek submitted "Block Party." That one is honestly the worst submissions I can remember.

Below: Sarah Jessica Parker probably blew her Emmy chances in 2006 by entering the notorious farting episode of "Sex and the City" titled "The Drought." She lost to Helen Hunt ("The Final Frontier" episode of "Mad About You").


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