I think miss turkey is a most amazing beautiful woman. Because she is also from a Muslin country is so refreshing. There have been objections to this add from so-called feminists. The feminists should welcome the absolute beauty of a Muslim woman without the cover-ups and sexual discrimination. What is wrong with a beautiful woman? Everyone appreciates the curves and beauty of a woman. She is tall and sweet and sexy and so gorgeous in her turkey bikini. Thank you Carls Jr.
BEAUTIFUL! As usual Muglers clothes are works of art especially Brillant to see Clothes as Art for Men!
Hah, hah, hah! What a joke. Coming to JC Penneys in the Silver Lake.
...a hilarious leather-and-sparkly-spandex dance number... I cant believe he described their performance as hilarious. What an insult! This is horrible.
I never liked Versace designs and by the looks of these, I never will. You only ever see this stuff worn in South Beach by slightly overweight, hairy, sweaty men in their 40s still trying to look young and show you how much money they have to throw around. Yuk!
Im a female and I love these clothes! They look great on these male models, but most are just androgynous enough to also look interesting as menswear on a female.
really beauty,,,
Their name is Kazaky and they are a very popular boy band from the Ukraine. See that wasnt hard to say or type.
He has this unique raw presentations often depicting bleak history and anarchic politics. Gorgeous.
the interior design is gorgeous!