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Results of the 2012 L.A. Beard and Mustache Competition

June 25, 2012 |  4:21 pm

The second Los Angeles Beard and Mustache competition, organized by the Northern Los Angeles Beard and Mustache Club, unspooled Sunday night at the Belasco in downtown L.A., and hirsute champions, second-place and third-place winners were crowned in nine categories.

Photos: A gallery from the second annual Los Angeles Beard and Mustache Competition

The most noteworthy win was the second consecutive first-place win by Nate Johnson, who followed last year's win in the more broadly defined partial beard category by placing first in the sideburns/muttonchops category.

Also notable, thanks to a newly added category called whiskerina (a faux facial hair faceoff for females), was a pair of husband-and-wife second-place wins by Aaron (Sideburns/Muttonchops) and Emily (Whiskerina) Abravaya.

And while Aussie tourist Richard Schipper may not have taken home the top prize in the styled mustache category he is headed back Down Under with a third-place trophy -- and a story to go with it. Schipper  told All the Rage he was here on holiday and had entered the contest on a last-minute whim after a friend brought it to his attention,

Complete results of the 2nd annual Los Angeles Beard and Mustache Championships

Natural Mustache
1. Alfred Nash
2. Javier Quintanilla
3. Brenden Kenney

Business Beard
1. Mark Hurlston
2. Patrick Daniel
3. Karl Dunn

1. Kevin Riordan
2. Chris Noel
3. Stephen Scarpa

Sideburns / Muttonchops
1. Nate Johnson
2. Aaron Abravaya
3. Jan-Michael Losada

Groomed Beard
1. Jeffrey Moustache
2. Joshua Davis
3. Shawn Hasson

1. Killo Kitty
2. Emily Abravaya
3. Lindsay Stinner

Styled Mustache
1. Sean Raiger
2. Robert “Cowboy Bob” Richardson
3. Richard Schipper

Full Beard Natural
1. Ryan Dreyer
2. Scott Lehr
3. Riqo Sanders

1. Aarne Bielefeldt
2. Justin Vorhauer
3. Jack Tannatt


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Results of the 1st Los Angeles Beard and Mustache Championships

-- Adam Tschorn

Photo: Nate Johnson, left, pauses for a fan photo while event co-organizer and master of ceremonies John Myatt looks on. Johnson's win in the sideburns/muttonchops category made him the only competitor to repeat a first-place finish in the L.A. Beard and Mustache competition that started last year. Credit: Arkasha Stevenson / Los Angeles Times