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Denim-clad Flaunt magazine makes for a riveting read

June 22, 2012 | 12:16 pm

Flaunt Denim Issue
"Flaunt" magazine's July issue, on newsstands now, is all about denim from cover-to-cover -- including the cover, which is actually a piece of the humble working-class fabric itself emblazoned with the image of model Claudia Schiffer. 

The fabric wrap is actually an advertisement for Guess, the L.A.-based label that's celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, but for some reason that doesn't make it any less cool. Maybe that's because it gives the issue a sense of permanence unique to a periodical.

And maybe it's because, as theme issues go, Flaunt, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, hasn't just phoned it in content-wise for the denim issue, and the magazine is filled with the kind of content that denim heads, indigo aficionados and five-Frieda Pintopocket freaks of every stripe will want to have at their fingertips (or at least on their bookshelves) for a long time to come. There are brand and people profiles (including a look at the deep denim roots behind the soon-to-launch Koral Los Angeles label and a conversation with Andrew Olah, founder of denim trade show Kingpins), photos (among them a still-life spread of rivets and leather patches, conversations with Anna Faris, Eva Green and Frieda Pinto, and a Pacific Coast road trip documented by Agave Denim founder Jeff Shafer), and a look at some of the coolest denim vendors around (local boutique American Rag Cie among them).

With the denim issue, Flaunt also manages to tackle the topic in some refreshingly different ways, like visiting Nîmes, France (the etymological source of the word "denim"), interviewing actress Catherine Bach about how ultra-short cut-off jean shorts came to be called "Daisy Dukes," and chatting with a British musician who was once in a band called denim (seriously).

The issue also has some of the coolest denim ads you're likely to find in one place -- blue jeans that unfold like a chain of paper dolls to form a laundry line of blue jeans off the page, two-dimensional back pockets stuffed with actual three-dimensional bandannas, and even a sturdy stencil (courtesy of Kill City Jeans) that will likely result in a more than a few spray-painted instances of the words "THIS CITY KILLS"  around town.

In fact, the issue's got so much tucked between its cloth-bound covers, it's likely to leave other folks who try to cover the blue jean business in any depth more than a little green with envy.

The blue-jean-wrapped denim-themed July issue of Flaunt, ($10.95) is currently on newsstands nationwide.


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-- Adam Tschorn

 Photos: At top left, Claudia Schiffer on the denim-clad cover of Flaunt magazine's special issue. At right, a model wears Levi's Red Tab denim in a Lorenzo Marcucci photographed photo spread. At bottom, Frieda Pinto in a photo by Yu Tsai that appears in a special denim-themed issue of the magazine. Credit: All courtesy of Flaunt