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Heavy metals: Metallic makeup gets dense, aggressive

July 21, 2011 |  6:01 am

Minx Eyeshadow, nail polish and lipstick have been packing shimmer for decades. But now some cosmetics companies are taking the concept of metallic shine to new heights.

And fashion-forward celebs, including Emma Watson, have been seen wearing opaque metallic glitter on their eyes — a sea change from the see-through shimmery colors we've all been wearing for years.

Metallic cosmetics with some serious density kicked off years ago on nails, with polish brands rolling out glitter-packed colors such as the gunmetal My Private Jet by OPI that went on to become a cult classic.

But now there are products for lips, eyes and nails so opaque that they're actually applied in strips.

Glitz Watson's recent glittery eyes at one of "Harry Potter's" multi-city premieres relied on actual copper-toned glitter. But soak-off gel nail colors (which remain unscathed on the nail bed for nearly two weeks) from companies including Bio Sculpture Gel and OPI amp up metallics so much they resemble actual metal foil.

And more nail salons are offering flexible nail tops such as those made by California-based company Minx, which specializes in metallic looks so reflective they practically double as mirrors.

But by far the boldest metallic look around is Glitzy Lips, an actual foil that you apply to your lips with an adhesive.

Founded by the owner of a nail salon in Houston that specializes in Minx nails, the look has yet to gain national traction. Perhaps it's because the result of all that lip-gluing is slightly freakish looking, like your mouth has magically turned to tin.

But we wouldn't be surprised to see Rihanna going there soon.

-- Emili Vesilind

Top photo: An ad for Minx nails is all about sparkle and shine. Credit: Minx

Bottom photo: Glitzy Lips is a foil that's applied to lips. Credit: Glitzy Lips