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Carmageddon: What a great idea for some gifts!

July 15, 2011 |  6:03 am


"Carmageddon" is upon us. The dreaded closure of the bustling 405 Freeway for 10 miles through the Sepulveda Pass is scheduled to start at midnight and is expected to go on for more than 48  hours.

Angelenos are full of angst. And perhaps none more so than my boss. Yes, she lives on the Westside. Yes, she is hosting in-laws for the weekend. And yes, she expects an end to life as she knows it. At least for these two days. 

What can I do, I wondered, to help her make her way through it? Or give her a little reward for being a tough soldier once it's over? Why, a T-shirt, of course. Or maybe a coffee mug. An iPhone case?

Luckily, as in any California crisis, there are vendors ready to oblige with the requisite "I survived the fill-in-the-blank" merchandise.

So I'm thinking an "I survived Carmageddon" tee, water bottle, coffee mug or bumper sticker might do the trick. The folks over at, a website that specializes in such things, has a supply at the ready, including a small pin for $3, a bumper sticker for $5, a mug for $15 and an assortment of tees starting around $15. I could also be creative and design one of these items myself by using their customization service.

Now note: These items are all available now. They presume everyone will indeed survive Carmageddon. My boss doesn't seem so sure.

But I have no doubts. In fact, maybe I'll make a little something for myself that says "Carmageddon, Schmarmageddon. I live in the O.C."



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Photos: Top, T-shirts, left, $30, right $15; Middle, iPhone case, $25; mug, $15; Bottom, bumper sticker, $5. Credit: